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Documentation Triank Rune Triankrune altes A old A ancient A

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The "old A"

The old A with away bars - after Dan Brown the lost symbol.

Notice attention!

marc-vale says - share it goodness so we can live well.
Different versions
my friend M. was tortured for 4 years
before you could tell me the symbol to be used in art.

It was deleted from the internet. Which is why the order in pyramid seemed overloaded.

Rune Triank


Download daytime portraits with the old A at

All Seeing Eye - Allsehendes Auge in Triankrune

Holzvale MP3
andreas marc berneth zeichen triankrune

- HELP out Please for Triank-Rune
- Images of Triank-Rune in Wood-Arts and so on

Triankrune - Triank-Rune - Ancient A

Aus diesem neutralen Triangular wie ich die Triank-Rune nenne erstelle ich gerne mit Deinem Namen auf einer Webseite ausgestellt - diese Grafik.

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